Living History

Keeping Photographic History Alive

Demonstrating the Wet-Plate Collodion Process at living history events is a wonderful way to share the history of photography.  Many times I meet and discuss the process with individuals that have never seen a film camera. To show and explain the history of photography from its infancy to digital gives event visitors a greater appreciation for the photographic process. 

Individual Portraits

At living history events I offer tintype portraits of participants.  Using period lenses, chemicals, techniques and posing standards, we are able to recreate portraits that emulate images from the Civil War period.  

Group Images

Group portrait images are available for event participants.  Whether a small mess or a battalion, I can capture your impression on tintype.  Reprints are available in a variety of sizes to allow everyone to have a copy.

Historic Site Images

Managing a historic site and need images for your advertising material?  No better way to capture the feel of a site than with period photography.  Images can be captured during events or we can schedule a site session. Options to purchase the original image plates, reprints, or digital files are available.

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