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Camera Equipment

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Ries Tripod:  A100 series.  Great for big cameras.  Rated to hold close to 75lbs.  Has the upgraded bronze knobs.  60" tall with legs splayed, 38" collapsed.  Need more photos?  Let me know!

$400 plus insured shipping. (shipping will be billed prior to shipping)

Speed Graphic with Rodenstock Trinar Anastigmat 135mm f4.5 Lens:

Body shutter does not work (is torn).  Lens shutter works for T/B (I have not tested for accuracy the faster speeds).  Great, solid camera for wetplate work.  Compact and is rock solid with solid bellows.  I have other lenses available if needed.  (brass lens not included)   More pics available....just let me know if you need them.

$250 shipped.

Nikkor 305 mm f9 Process lens:  Sharp, sharp lens.  Good coverage for 8X10 and smaller.  Not a big lens and will fit on smaller 4" boards if needed.  I've shot many a group with another 305mm (I have had 4-5 over the years) as it is sharp across the plane of focus.  This is a great group/landscape/building lens.  Yes, it will work for portrait work too.  Has a mounting flange.  $150 shipped within the continental US.

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