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WetPlate Collodion Portable DarkBox

$650.00 USD

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Want to shoot tintypes, ambrotypes, or glass plate negatives using the WetPlate Process outside your studio? You need a portable DARKBOX. 

 I have been using the WetPlate process for over 17 years. Over the years I have tweaked the design to give a perfect mix of size and portability. This DarkBox kit includes the box and shroud. The box (closed) is roughly 34" long, 12" deep. When opened you will have close to 24" of workspace to place trays, bottles, etc needed for processing. It is able to be used on any flat surface. It is fact, I have never had one blow over in all the years I have been using them. 

 If you would like a great portable, standing height stand for your darkbox, I can build one for an additional fee (see other listings). The shroud is designed to wrap around the darkbox, providing a lightproof (barring the red light from the window) environment to work the process in. The wraparound design also allows you to remove the shroud to allow it to dry once your session is over. (No more smelly/damp fabric to deal with the next session.). Simply removed it and hang it to dry. 

 The fixed (non-sliding) red window is made from stained glass...and is very stable and long lasting. No need to worry if it is fading as you do with plexiglass and litho. 

 Please allow a 4-8 week lead time for construction. The box comes painted black.  Want to save $50?  Get it shipped unpainted (select that option in the drop down box.  

 The darkbox and shroud will be shipped together.

Shipping within the continental US is included. n Overseas Shipping NOT available.

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