The Silver Stain (Blog)

  1. Ambrotypes

    29 Sep 2016

    It has been a while since I did a complete series of images as ambrotypes.  Ambrotypes are wet-plate collodion images created on glass instead of metal.  Photographers can use clear glass (have to back the image with a dark material to see the positive image) or they can use dark…

  2. A little video…

    15 Sep 2016

    UNCTV did a video special that included my work.  Take a peek. Video Link Here

  3. So, is that just printed on the metal?

    15 Sep 2016

    I hear this every event I go to, at least once:    “So, do you just print that photo on the metal or something?  Can I send you a picture and have that done?” Short answer:  No, I do not.   In this era of technology and instant gratification through…

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